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>> trip wires, jars of accelerants and ammunition, they're all part of an elaborate booby trap at the apartment of 24-year-old man accused of going on that deadly shooting spree at a movie theater in colorado. right now, police are working desperately to get into that apartment. hello, i'm marcel neville live in new york. >> i'm glad you're with us, i'm rick fulbaum. and they say the first trip
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wire and explosives attached to it have been disarmed. nor danger inside. the bomb squad are trying to find a way in, one that will protect lives and pre sear serv leave as well. >> we have live teams, adam housley and mike tobin are live with the latest from aurora, and molly henneberg is standing by live in washington. first we'll go to adam housley just a block or so away from james holmes' apartment and you've been hearing the explosions there, tell us more. >> that's right, we're block or so from the apartment complex, step away and give you the vantage point. the hook and ladder truck is have taken individuals to the third story apartment where james holmes has booby trapped the place. the aurora police department say they've been successful so far on a number of things.
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they've had three explosions, the first two hours ago, sounded like you were far away from a fireworks display. e he ago was a loud bang and it was significant. you had everybody taking cover beforehand and then the explosion took place. we're told all three were significantly successful for the aurora police department or atf, for fbi, for the massive number of agencies out here dealing with this. what they had to do was basically find a starting point to get into this apartment. the entire apartment is booby trapped from floor to ceiling, there are wires all over the place and cook bottles filled with liquids and balloons with white powder and shells, shotgun shells and other type of weaponry just laying around. and there are papers, this basically is a rats nest of stuff. so, what they have to do is find a way to start. to get a starting point, the technicians, so bomb robots can get in there and try to
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defuse the situation and at the same time trying to secure as much of the evidence as absolutely possible. the big deal, really, this morning as the operation goes on was the first information we heard after that first little explosion, which was that the door to the apartment of james holmes was set and this was a quote, to kill the first person that it opened-- that opened it and we know that the neighbor almost opened that door and we also know at that police almost opened that door and thankfully no one did because it would have set off a situation that would have killed or maimed a number of people. and the evacuation, police are happy with the evacuation situation, a block or two around the apartment complex totally removed and nobody there except for bomb technicians and emergency personnel and we expect more explosions according to the aurora police department as they continue to make their way through the apartment and try to somehow secure everything inside without any significant damage to evidence or surrounding apartments, guys. >> indeed, adam.
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because hopefully this will be many answers inside of that apartment. and as. >> reporter: absolutely. >> air talking how the controlled explosions and detonations have been taking place. fortunately, they have been going very well, by all accounts the folks there on the ground, they're all baffled and very surprised by the sophistication level of the booby traps inside the apartments. >> reporter: they are, this guy obviously spent time doing research. we've been around a situation like this before both here and overseas, and this has to be the most intricate i've ever seen, i've seen situations like this in israel and all over the u.s. for different stories covered over the years. this one, all indications, extremely, extremely delicate. we have the sound of the explosion of what we heard. i don't know if we have that cued up, but we'll listen to it, but the loud pop we heard out here. the police department said for those who might be afraid,
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take cover behind cars and they thought we were a safe location, and we did not. we saw those closer, firefighters with full gear on behind their truck to ensure no schrapnel might have threatened their lives. four technicians have been taken in via the fire truck ladder and we've watched them go in and those four were inside and we know they're four of the people working on the swaying. we know have that sound, what it sounded like for us, what it sounded like for us. [explosion] >> that's what we heard here, it was much louder than we heard from the two previous in the day. >> and adam, of course, they can't be cautious enough there on the ground. i know they've evacuated five buildings, surrounding homes and apartment area i know you've been pushed back along with the media and others out
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there. caution indeed the word of the day there. because, clearly, this apartment was trapped it, as you said, kill as many people as possible, maim as many people as possible and just, just create more of that reign of terror that's been affected there, on the people of aurora, colorado. >> reporter: absolutely. i mean, this guy was planning on trying to hurt and kill as many people as possible and we've seen the situation before and when we get to the apartment, a police where it may be a bomb and it looks intricate and when they get to it they realize it was all look and no substance to it. in this case, there was absolute substance and they've seen it and the idea again, the number one priority to make sure no one gets hurt and these guys are risking their lives and men and women are risking their lives to make sure the police is secure and safe as much evidence as possible. they're doing an operation right now, that's so delicate and so difficult and it's #00 degrees out here. and you add that element into the factor and wearing flak
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jackets, they're wearing helmets, they're not dressed light. it's a difficult oranges and we'll continue to update you throughout the day and as we know more information we'll come down and let you guys here more successful explosions as they alleviate the situation, guys. >> indeed, adam housley, thanks for the update outside of james holmes' apartment in aurora, colorado. >> we'll keep an eye on that situation, breaking fuse and we'll stay on top of it. and we want to talk about the legal aspects of this. police say that james holmes opened fire on dozens of people in that theater and then he surrendered without resistance in the parking lot behind the theater. and he does have a court date and based on information, he has not talked to police, he's asked for a lawyer and there are questions what's ahead legally for holmes, as people build the case against him. hopefully with the physical evidence they're able to get
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out of the apartment once they're safely in there and judge jeanine with her perspective on the case. what happens on monday, judge? >> well, there is talk of arraignment this monday at 8:30. whether or not that will be adjourned, we don't know and there are any one of a number of things that could happen. certainly, the defendants will be charged with several counts of murder one. the issue is whether or not this case even goes forward on monday, as you just said, the defendant has asked for an attorney, or the accused as asked for an attorney. now, we've got to determine whether or not he's competent to understand the nature of the charges and assist in his defense, his attorneys or his team has been trying to find that out now, i'm sure and then of course, people are talking about the issue of insanity, whether or not he will proffer that. it's a fluid situation, constantly changing. the police right now are very occupied and they are
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extremely confident with the issue of making sure that everyone is safe, especially at the apartment where holmes lived, but any one of a number of things can happen. ultimately there is a grand jury in the state of colorado that will probably hear these charges so we're just, just in the beginning of the criminal justice process. >> you mentioned the count murder one and obviously, this was is he pre-meditated, it looks months of planning for him to get the weapons, the ammo, the gear that he used to go in and carry this out. one thing about the number of counts. we have 12 people who have been killed, we have dozens of people who have been wounded. we talked about murder one counts. do they just sort of look at the number of people who were shot or would we be looking at a potential number that had to do with a number of people inside that whole movie theater? you can make the argument that he wants to kill them all. >> well, there's no qthere will be many, many, many attempted murder charges, but the definite is as we know
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right now, there are 12 people who are dead and this is the kind of crime where you say it's clearly premeditated based upon the forethought, the planning, the determination that it took to carry out this plan. in addition to that, you've got the issue of putting so many people at risk and making sure that this, under the statute, is some kind of depraved indifference to human life, but that's really the least of it. i mean, as you well know, there's one count or one conviction for murder one that can call for the death penalty if that's even sought here, but i think people, and i've been here now for a little bit, are concerned about his sanity and they don't want that to be a substitute for down right evil. and what's interesting, rick, is that the colorado statute says in order to proffer the insanity defense, the difference between right and
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wrong, that's the classic mcnaughton rule and also, prevented from forming the culpable mental state at that actually intend to kill, but what i love about the statute is the colorado legislature has made it very clear that passion growing out of hatred, anger, revenge, or evil does not amount to insanity. and what you've got in this county is a d.a., a female d.a., who has not been hesitant about seeking the death penalty in the past. so, it will be a very interesting process to watch. way too soon now. there's a whole host of other charges as it relates to what's inside that apartment in terms of you know, maybe domestic terrorism, federal statutes as it relates to the use of weapons, chemical weapons that kind of thing, we don't know yet. there's still a lot to be determined. >> 0 do you have on your show tonight? what are you lining up for later? >> welcome, as i tell you, we are going to be live here in
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aurora in this 100 whatever degree heat. we're going to be talking to people up close and personal to this, who were there that night and we're also going to talk to issues as relates to the community, but how does the community go forward. what is the criminal justice process that can be expected. how much can these people in colorado go through this, if you recall, rick, it wasn't that long ago that, you know, we had the shooting in columbine, people here are in pain, in shock right now. as we go forward tonight we will have a lot of people very close to the scene in law enforcement, as well as people who were affected by this horrific, horrific situation. terrible. >> we'll be watching, part of our night long coverage justin with judge jeanine, live from aurora tonight. thank you, judge, always goods to talk to you. >> thank you, rick. >> we know this is obviously extremely complicated process,
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getting into that apartment. right now we're going to bring in former new york police captain peter moreno for insight. the operations for risk and assault. and captain, thank you for being here. good news so far on the ground, they've been able to disarm the trip wires that were set up inside there in that apartment, but still a very dangerous situation. i want you to give us an idea exactly what sort of hazards that the folks on the ground there face and how difficult it's going to be to get in there without causing more lives to be -- more people to be killed, quite frankly, and to preserve what's inside of that apartment as well, to find out where this guy -- find out more about who this guy is and what his intent is, possibly. >> absolutely. i think the preservation of evidence is really key, not just as i said for the immediacy of the situation, but for any future harm he may have intended and so, whatever
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evidence is in there may have clues that would lead investigators to, perhaps a n on site location where they would be secured. >> there's so much more in there. i understand that there are about some 30 canisters of possibly explosives powder looks being like black 16 inch softballs some were rubber coating and other containers with liquid accelerant and black powder one of the officers there on the ground described as, if you had this, it looks like guinness poured into a half and half, black and tan. clearly sophisticated and i would like you to tell us, to walk us there if you're there, what sort of challenges there are and how extremely difficult it is. and there has been success so far, thankfully, but this is far from over and far from an easy task at this point? >> well, the bomb experts are
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using equally sophisticated twices and used a poll to introduce some liquid with a cannister, with an orange cord and highly explosives and that's what led you to the explosion that you heard. the police have equally if not more sophisticated equipment they can use to surgically secure the scene. >> and as you have heard, captain, that by all accounts there on the ground. this is a supremely sophisticated. so while they have an idea of what's inside of that apartment, let's talk about the unknown. it's still possible at that perhaps there are some booby traps they're not aware of, is that possible? >> absolutely. as i said before, mr. holmes is obviously of high intellect and he had to know that the police would enter this apartment in a very intelligent manner as well so i'm sure he planned a, b and c
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with different means of entrance to have a different explosive and trip wires so the police have to presume there are multiple, multiple trip buyers in place. >> and talk to me about this, because, obviously safety is number one. i understand that the containers, what they're able to extract those containsers out of the apartment, they're going to put them in a dump truck and take them to a location off site to detonate them? >> absolutely, that's the preferred method. it's important to understand that when this controlled detonation takes place, it's not just the immediate energy that we're worried about, but also, any chemicals that might be dispersed as a result of that that be would be a danger to the community of the that's why the preferred method is to have it in an environment such as a pit. >> we certainly don't want anybo give anybody any ideas,
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foolish copycats out there. we know that mr. holmes is apparently a highly intelligent individual burr where does one get all of this information to be able to booby trap and rig this apartment the way he has. pardon me, according to some reports from our mike tobin out there on the ground that this guy holmes spent two months planning to massacre. >> sure as a medical ph.d. student he has a vast understanding of chemistry. combine that with publications on the internet, such as the anarchists cookbook, you might understand how he would arrive to this. >> and they were already able to disarm a trip wire and an a couple of other contained explosions there. and again, i want you to tell me if you can, captain. what are some of the dangers that still could possibly lie ahead for those bomb squad officials out there trying to
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disarm this highly sophisticated booby trap apartment there. >> again, i think the highest threat comes from the multiple layers that one can expect from this type of a booby trapped apartment and as well as any unknown chemicals that might be or shrapnel that may be attached to devices, again, the explosions not just the threat, it's what may be sparked during the the explosion. >> indeed. captain peter moreno, thank you very much for sharing your insight and i'm sure we'll have you on stand by for any other, pardon me any other insight that you may be able to provide through the rest of this newscast. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> well, pretty unprecedented move, they're delaying the release of any figures of dark night and says out of respect for the victims and for their families, warner brother pictures will not be reporting box office numbers for the dark knight rises throughout
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the weekend and box office numbers will be released on monday. despite the tragedy, the dark knight rises is expected to do well in opening week end. reporting 36 million dollars for 3700 midnight screenings. and director nolan expressing profound sorrow and saying the movie theater is my home and the ideas that anyone with violate that innocent and hopeful place in such an unbearably sach van way is devastating. nothing any of cuss say could ever adequately express our feelings for the innocent victims of this appalling crime, but our thoughts are with them. >> we have more on the investigation, investors are hoping that several unanswered questions about the suspect james holmes will be answered by what lies in his apartment.
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>> after the break, a mother who has been through a lot. the mother was in the theater at the time of the shooting, but she was at the hospital with her other son having an operation. >> we heard a loud explosion and gunshots, it almost sounded like a fully automatic weapon or something like that. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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>> a fox news alert. we're just getting word from the aurora police department in aurora colorado all major threats, all the trip lines in that apartment have been cleared away, have been eliminated and the police say it's now safe for them to enter into the apartment and to do the the work that needs to be done. this is an apartment we've been told very sophisticated in how it was rigged, with booby traps from the floor up to the ceiling and we have been watching over the last day and a half or so, as officials have been working first on the outside, breaking the windows, as you can see, of that apartment building belonging to the suspect in the movie theater shooting. to get themselves inside. he alerted the police that the
11:25 am
apartment was booby trapped right after he was apprehended and when they arrived at the scene just after learning that, they evacuated the building and four surrounding buildings and trying to eliminate the trip wires that would let them get inside at that apartment safely and now word from the police that they have been able to do that. they are now getting themselves ready to enter into the apartment. we'll continue to watch the situation for you. >> arthel: in the meantime, rick, we have more information, learning frightening new details about mr. james holmes, the shooting suspect. and police are saying, pardon me, he built up an arsenal over the last 60 days, purchasing four guns, some 6,000 rounds of ammunition, as well as a magazine allowing him to fire more than 50 bullets per minute. now, at the scene, police recovered a handgun. we're showing you pictures now here, a handgun, a military style semi automatic rifle,
11:26 am
and this is what happened according to police, holmes bought a ticket to the early morning screening of the "dark knight rises", once it started he propped over the emergency exit and went outside to put on protective gear and aurora's police chief says the suspect was dressed in all black swearing tactical gear, a gas mask and the gunman entered the theater and then set off gas cannisters. >> some people in the audience believed at that point it was part of the show, but it quickly turned into chaos. as the crowd tried to escape the bullets, 200 officers responded to the scene and when they arrived, police arrested holmes in the theater's parking lot. and of course, you can imagine it's been an insane 24 hours from one mother whose son alex was in the movie theater when james holmes went on that murderous rampage and also, already at the hospital with her other son who was having an operation, separate stories
11:27 am
there. and joining me now is alex milano and he's there with his mother angela and thank both of you for being here with us. and i want to talk to you angela, but start with your son because i want you to tell me, alex, where were you when the shooting started, when holmes started shooting. >> i was in theater 8, i was two rows down from the top of the theater and it all started with what i thought were fireworks, and from there it just got worse. >> right, theater eight is next door to where holmes was, he was in theater nine. initially my understanding that you along with other movie goers, oh, maybe it's fireworks, maybe it's part of the heighten the mood of this big premier? >> yeah, we thought it was a special effects at first, and one of the girls that i was talking to in the row in front of me turned around and had to give me a little slap on the knee, they're doing special effects and that's what i thought at first and that's
11:28 am
when the second, what we thought were fireworks went off and then-- i knew something was off. >> when you knew something was off, what did you do. tell me that moment. alex. >> at that moment i just started to process and try to assess the situation as best i could, and during the second fireworks, or what i thoughts were fireworks i actually saw like holes in the wall appear, so i mean, i started to get, you know, think the worst so it was grab my stuff, grab my sister and get out. >> and when you went out, you go, 'cause i understand once were you outside of theater eight, that's when the two theaters, theater eight and as well as theater nine where james holmes was actually shooting was theater nine next door, that's when the crowds kind of converged. was it chaotic out there, or controlled? tell me the scene. >> to be perfectly honest with you, a guy came into our theater about five minutes before everyone was running for the exits, and he said,
11:29 am
not to go out the door, that most people take inside the theaters because there was a guy with a gun waiting outside. and so, i thought there's a gun that way, i'm going the opposite direction, i grabbed ashley and opened up the fire exit that takes you to the back to youney and i walked that to go down the stairs and out the lobby, so it wasn't too cluttered for me because i was one of the first ones out. >> and how quickly were you able to contact your mom, alex? >> as soon as we got outside, we were told not to use cell phones and to just wait and stand by for any other information and a half hour later, the cops had separated us because they told theater eight over to the left. >> jon: alex, give me a second here, alex, let me jump in. >> arthel: i'm coming up on a heart break and get your thoughts, mom at this point. >> your son's alive-- >> i didn't know what was going

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